Covid-19 Community Volunteer Vehicle Stickers

Friday, 24th April 2020

From our friends at DrydenMedia - Who have designed and printed Free Volunteer stickers for any vehicle being used by volunteers who are helping others during this global crisis.

They are perfect to affix to your vehicle window or body work*. These are aimed at helping combat abuse towards volunteers who must make multiple trips to supermarkets and pharmacies and helps mitigate any aggravation received from others because of this. You may be visiting the shops for elderly parents, neighbours in your street, picking up prescriptions for others and this is a great way to show what you are doing.

If you would like a sticker for yourself then please email, With your name and address and we can post this out to you. This will work on a trust-based system and there is a maximum order of 2 stickers per person to make sure everyone who needs one gets one. If you would like to donate and can, we have also set up a go fund me page where you can donate whatever you would like, this is to keep the cost of this going and will be used to cover the cost of postage and packaging and the continued printing to meet demand. You can visit the page here.

We also will have stickers available for you to pick up from Petteril Bank Community Centre but again please email us to let us know when you will be picking them up. If you are visiting the centre to pick them up, please remember to keep your social distance and adhere to all current government guidelines.

We would really love to see the stories of how our community is helping others so if you have a nice feel good story or update please use the hashtag #covidvolunteers and let us get some good news filling peoples timelines.


*Disclaimer: Please note that these stickers are designed for use on vehicles. However, Drydenmedia cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of these stickers.

Covid-19 Community Volunteer Vehicle Stickers